Batish Law

Address: 55 Village Centre Place Mississauga Ontario l4z 1v9, CA

About Batish Law
Established in : 2016
Ownership Type : Professional Corporation

Batish Law prides itself on advocating for and proactively protecting it’s clients’ best interest. We place great importance on listening to the needs of our clients and providing efficient, knowledgeable and cost-effective legal counsel. Our goal is to ensure that our clients get the justice they deserve. Our law firm employs a client-centric approach that ensures our clients’ are well informed and understand the legal process every step of the way. At Batish Law we understand the stress and anxiety that can accompany serious legal issues and we make it our mission to produce results for our clients. We ensure that every possible avenue is pursued and that no question goes unanswered. Our primary areas of practice are criminal and family law.

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