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Address: 848 N RAINBOW BLVD #2607 LAS VEGAS Nevada 89107, US

About Lesson Pro LLC
Established in : 2012
Ownership Type : LLC

Lesson Pro is one of the leading providers of private lessons in North America. Take a lesson almost anywhere, and at any time, and we will link you up to some of the most reputable instructors in your area.We Offer lessons like Sports, Academic, Music, Dancing, Sewing, Bartending at one of the thousands of pre-approved locations or even your own house.All instructors are nationally Certified and trained.

A nationwide service that connects you to thousands of certified instructors near you!You can take lessons at one of the thousands of pre-approved Locations or even your own house.All instructors are nationally Certified and trained.It offers Archery Lessons, Cooking Lessons, Drum Lessons, Skateboard Lessons, Spanish Lessons, Tennis Lessons in the USA.

The person working with the student will be a Nationally Certified instructor with at least 5 years of experience and they will do a skills assessment initially just to see where the student is at since the programs are personally customized. In order for our instructors to work for us they have a very extensive 5-Step interview process, background check and abilities assessment.

more business details at Website http://lessonpro.co/

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